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For companies that want to outsource all or part of their marketing activities, our solutions are a quick and easy way to secure market share without wasting time and money.

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You want to achieve more, but you don’t have time or resources for online marketing? This is exactly the situation where we can help with our services.


Fast results! With our method you get the first leads after only a few days


Proven templates and strategies ensure efficient control and mitigate losses


Highest quality in design and UX according to current standards and norms

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Imagine how your business grows and you gain new customers through our professional marketing efforts. With our team of experienced online marketing experts, you are in the best hands to position and market your business on the Internet.

  • Target group analysis
  • Email sequences
  • Company Homepage
  • Social Posting
  • Landing Pages
  • Social / Google Ads
  • Value Content
  • SEO

Some examples

Here you can find some examples of our work in the B2C and B2B area. Each project and customer has individual goals, which we have achieved through our method.

PD Dr. med. Alexandra Schulz

The target group is women over 30 who care about their appearance and skin care and are interested in wrinkle treatments.

Building a blog, social media accounts, postings and ads, and local advertising around the practices.

Successful already after 2 weeks!

Gerd Aeuckens GmbH, Hamburg

The target group of Aeuckens GmbH includes both private customers and business customers in Hamburg and the surrounding area. Primarily is aktull the personnel search.

Building a blog, social media accounts, postings and ads, and local advertising in amburg and surrounding areas.

Successful already after 4 weeks!

Klaho GmbH

The target audience are site owners who want to be found higher in the search engines.

Building a blog, social media accounts, postings and ads as well as local advertising around the service.

Successful after 1 week!


Here are some reviews from our customers, you can also find more on Google, and other review platforms.

PD Dr. med. Alexandra Schulz<

"At first I was skeptical, because I studied business and thought I could do everything myself. But the team of Mr. Hoinkis has proven in practice that their method is better than anything I have done before."

PD Dr. med. Alexandra Schulz

Jan H.

"We actually just wanted an online business card, but GLOMASTCO's approach found us customers and employees. We are super satisfied and gladly recommend the services."

Jan HoinkisCEO Gerd Aeuckens Bodenbeläge GmbH

Robert K.

"Outsourcing my sales and marketing activities was a difficult decision, but due to the partnership development and the great success, I have no regrets."

Robert KlattCEO Klaho GmbH


Guarantee! Yes we give guarantees, but only after the analyses! If we do not achieve these goals, we work free of charge until the goal is reached.



  • 1 Value Content
  • 1 Landing Page
  • 1 E-Mail Secence
  • 100 Direct Contacts
  • 8 Social Posts
  • 4 Blog Posts
  • Social Ads*
  • Google Ads*
  • Linkbuilding*

* +15% from budget



  • 2 Value Contents
  • 2 Landing Pages
  • 2 E-Mail Secences
  • 200 Direct Contacts
  • 16 Social Posts
  • 8 Blog Posts
  • Social Ads*
  • Google Ads*
  • Linkbuilding*

* +12,5% from budget



  • 2 Value Contents
  • 2 Landing Pages
  • 2 E-Mail Secences
  • 300 Direct Contacts
  • 32 Social Posts
  • 16 Blog Posts
  • Social Ads*
  • Google Ads*
  • Linkbuilding*

* +10% from budget

For each target group, an additional initial set up is needed. This includes: Target group analysis, reader types, targeting models, WordPress blog, theme and templates, as well as keyword analysis, competitor analysis. The price is 5.000€ per set up.

Questions and answers

We understand that budget is an important consideration. However, we always prioritize the value and benefits we provide. Our team works closely with you to understand your goals and offer tailored solutions that take your financial framework into account. We place great emphasis on transparency and ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the expected costs and the value you will receive. We are confident that our services will have a positive long-term impact on your success and prove to be a worthwhile investment.

We have extensive experience across various industries and are able to quickly adapt to new sectors. Our approach is based on a thorough analysis of your specific needs, target audience, and competitive landscape. We tailor our strategies and actions to your specific industry to achieve optimal results. We strive to stay updated with the latest developments and best practices in different industries to ensure that we can provide you with effective solutions tailored to your specific challenges.

We understand that you are currently working with another provider and are satisfied with their services. Our goal is to provide you with added value and show you how partnering with us can bring even better results. We differentiate ourselves through [mention your specific unique selling points], which can offer you additional advantages and opportunities. We would be happy to analyze your current situation together and demonstrate how we can help you achieve your goals and further enhance the success of your business.

We apologize for your previous negative experiences. Our focus is on understanding your specific challenges and providing a customized solution that meets your requirements. Our satisfied clients and success stories speak for themselves. We invite you to get in touch with us to learn more about our approach, expertise, and results. We are happy to provide references for you to see the quality of our services. We are committed to delivering top-notch service and exceeding your expectations.

Landing pages are specifically optimized for marketing purposes and offer a crucial advantage over your homepage. Through targeted and focused content, landing pages achieve higher conversion rates. They direct the visitors' attention to a specific offer, action, or product, eliminating distractions that might be present on the homepage. Additionally, landing pages allow for effective measurement and analysis of marketing campaigns as they track specific goals and actions. By utilizing landing pages, you can fully maximize the potential of your marketing efforts and significantly increase conversion rates.

Valuable content is a critical factor for successful lead generation. By offering high-quality and relevant content, you can capture the interest of your target audience, build trust, and establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Valuable content ensures that you provide your potential customers with information, insights, and solutions that address their needs. As a result, they are more likely to leave their contact information and engage further with your brand. On the other hand, general content may lose its relevance and impact, as it does not specifically cater to the unique needs of your target audience.

Email sequences for conversion provide a targeted and effective method for guiding potential customers through the buying process. By using a sequence of emails, you can maintain continuous communication with your leads and deliver relevant information in a structured and engaging format. Email sequences allow you to send targeted messages, present relevant offers, and address potential concerns or objections. By automating the lead nurturing process, you increase the likelihood of turning prospects into paying customers and enable personalized and goal-oriented communication.

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Guaranteed success

You do not know us and trust must be earned! Therefore, we give a guarantee of success after the analyses and a 3 month test! If we do not achieve the goals, we continue to work without costs until they are achieved!

In a Summary

Our experts support a variety of companies with different products or services. Take care of your core business, we bring you leads, sales and applicants

1. Analyze

Addressing the target group correctly and getting them to interact

2. Testing

Testing of advertising channels and performance-driven targeting

3. Scaling

More reach with ads for content that works and makes a difference

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